Bikini Anterior Hip Replacement | Total Hip Replacement

Performs almost all
Total Hip replacements through
the Bikini Anterior.


The Bikini Hip Replacement Surgery:

  • Hidden Scar in the Groin
  • Up and Walking 3-4 hours after Surgery
  • Less Pain and Nausea after Surgery
  • Home Next Day (in most cases)
  • Less Restrictions after Surgery
  • Drive as early as Few Days after surgery
  • Muscles and Tendons are NOT Cut
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Less Muscle Weakness
  • Early Return to Normal Independent Function
  • Less Risk of Dislocation
  • Less Risk of Leg Length Discrepancy

Bikini Hip Replacement: What is it?

This is a Minimally Invasive Anterior Approach Hip Replacement through a Bikini line Incision to give a cosmetically pleasing scar that is hidden in the groin crease.

It is a true minimally invasive (Mini Incision) muscle sparing (inter-muscular and inter-nervous plane) procedure.

This allows the surgeon to preserve Muscles and Tendons without Cutting it. In other words no muscles or tendons are cut and repaired later. Patients recover much faster and return to activities rapidly.

Anterior Hip surgery has been carried out in Europe for several decades (Hueter Approach) with very good success.

But modern techniques and instruments and prosthesis mean The incision is smaller than the traditional posterior/lateral or anterolateral approaches and the muscles preserved.

Bikini Hip Replacement Surgery: Who is Suitable?

The main indications for Bikini total hip replacement is significant degenerative arthritis affecting the hip joint resulting in severe pain, reduced mobility and function.

All Patients are given a Booklet to read before surgery so they understand their journey towards a new hip, which in most cases changes a person’s life, improving their painful symptoms, mobility and quality of life.

Bikini Hip Replacement Surgery: Who is NOT Suitable?

Those who are very Obese or very Muscular, which makes the surgery technically difficult, even in the most experienced hands.

If this is the case, then Dr. Nizam does a Tendon Sparing (No tendons are cut) modified approach which still allows patients to walk 3-4 hours after surgery and go home next day with less restrictions.

Bikini Anterior Hip surgery can also be difficult to perform in cases of complex revision hip surgery where a traditional posterior hip replacement is better.

Bikini Line cut (left). Intermuscular approach
(No muscles are Cut).


Direct intermuscular and internervous
approach to the hip joint

7 cm scar in in groin crease in a man
(left ) and female (right)


Xrays of hip replacements
after surgery

Anterior Hip Replacement scar

The scar of a Anterior bikini hip replacement is usually on the outer part of the groin crease the upper thigh. Usually this is aesthetically pleasing cosmetic scar and usually runs in the natural Langers lines of the skin - This means that the surgical scar usually heals well.
The Image above is at the time of surgery. Scars can vary from 6-8 cm depending on the surgical complexity, sex of the patient and size of the actual hip joint.
This is a 2 weeks surgical scar after right bikini anterior total Hip replacement.