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After Surgery


After Surgery

Dr. Nizam has a very comprehensive booklet that will be sent to his patients that highlight the importance of preparing for surgery and what to look forward to and how to enhance the rapid recovery process so you have hardly any pain after surgery. At the same time you should be returning back to normal activities of daily living much sooner including driving within 1-2 weeks of surgery. Dr. Nizam has published articles on this.


The common questions asked are:

Can patients go home the next day after joint replacement surgery?

Our goal is to enable patients to return to regular daily activities in their home environment as soon as possible after their surgery.

Most patients will be able to go home the following day after joint replacement surgery and some have actually returned home the very same day.

Young, fit and motivated patients generally recover much faster

Factors that can determine early discharge are patient response to surgery, such as blood pressure, blood transfusion requirements, and fluid balance.

The presence of a carer at home is another positive indicator that can greatly help with  total joint replacement recovery.

We avoid using narcotics or drowsy pain medication in the early phase of our program to avoid sedation/sleepiness that slows down early independent mobilization.

Do I need Physiotherapy?

In general, patients having bikini anterior total hip replacements are given instructions and need NOT undergo rehabilitation as they will most likely be discharged home the following day.

Our team will discuss this before your surgery. No inpatient rehab will be required unless patients have medical problems or living alone at home. The home is the best place to recover after surgery.

How long do I need to use crutches for after anterior hip replacement?

This depends on the type of hip operation and complexity and individual patient confidence.

anterior total hip replacement melbourne

Dr. Nizam and the team will guide you through this step by step process

In general, most patients go home with two crutches or one crutch and gradually move on to one crutch before discarding it. This may take anywhere from few days to 2-3 weeks.

When can I a patient go to Work after anterior hip replacement?

This will depend on the nature, type and complexity of surgery, patient motivation and the line of work you are involved in.

Some patients have gone to work, in office-type roles, almost 3-4 days after joint replacements and this has happened, whilst others prefer to convalesce for a short 1-3 weeks period before commencing more hands-on work activities.

Dr. Nizam will discuss this individually with patients as outcomes can vary depending on the patient and their surgery.

When Can I resume sports like Golf or Bowling?

This will depend on the nature of the surgical procedure, complexity of the treatment, the type of joint and medical conditions and strength/motivation. Some patients treated with the LIA pain management program have gone to the golf course as early as 3 days after joint replacement.

Dr. Nizam will discuss physiotherapy/rehabilitation and provide the best advice for a full and speedy recovery at time of consultation or after.

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